So you’ve bought or sold your Perth property, the titles have been transferred, everything has gone off without a hitch… but who do you need to notify about your change of address?

Knowing where to start can seem overwhelming, but using our comprehensive change of address checklist, you will get on top of it in no time!

Australian Post Office
Start here, as the easiest way to ensure you don’t miss any important mail during your move, is by setting up a mail redirection with Australia Post.  You can choose to redirect you mail from your old address to your new address for one, three, six or twelve months. Personal mail redirection rates start from $33.25.

Don’t forget to check the senders of your redirected mail so that you can notify them of your new address. We recommend setting up your redirection at least a week prior to moving day so that you don’t miss any important mail!

Utilities and Services
Next think about the utilities and service connections that you will need as soon as you move into your new home. You will need to organise these connections at least a week before moving.

  • Gas – Call your current gas company and let them know you are moving houses. Decide whether to stay with them at your new property by comparing local companies. You can usually get a good deal if you shop around.
  • Electricity – call your provider or visit their website to notify them of your change of address. They can arrange your new account to be ready for when you move in.
  • Internet & Telephone – In this day, you’ll be kicking yourself if you move into your home only to realise you forgot to set your internet up! Make sure to call you phone and internet providers to notify them of your change of address and moving date. If you still have a landline, you may find that the distance you are moving means you need a new number. Your provider will transfer your account over to your new property, and if need be, allocate you a new number or service.

Government Agencies
Since you have already organised your postal redirection, you need not stress too much if you don’t notify all the relevant government agencies of your change of address before you move. When you do get around to it however, there are a number of online portals that allow you to quickly change the details of your account. Some important agencies to notify are linked below:

Non-government Organisations
The final check is for all your banks and other private organisations you engage with. Check with your individual provider on how best to go about organising your change of address.

  • Accountant and/or financial advisor – They can often also assist you with who to notify of your change of address
  • Banks – Consider all your transaction accounts, savings accounts, home loans, credit cards, personal and/or car loans. Ensure you notify each bank/financial institution of your new address.
  • Charities you donate to regularly
  • Childcare services
  • Dentist and orthodontist
  • Doctors and any specialists – Psychologists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, optometrists and naturopaths
  • Employers
  • Gym and sports clubs
  • Insurance companies – Car, home, contents, health, and life insurances, income protection etc.
  • Local libraries
  • Loyalty programs – Frequent flyers points, FlyBuys, Woolworths Rewards, Myer One etc.
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Superannuation funds
  • Unions
  • Veterinarian – Change any microchips your pets may have.

…And we’re done! Now you can move into your home with the peace of mind you won’t be missing any bills or important notices. Anything you miss, will continue to be redirected to your new home for as long as you have organised using the AustraliaPost redirection service, and will be clearly marked so that you can contact the sender to arrange a change of address.

See our full “Moving Checklist” here.

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